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Terms and conditions

Quickbook Customer Service Based IT Company Founded With A Mission To Give Services To Its Customers At One Stop Shop.

Terms And Conditions

Before you start to consider taking our services from this website you must read all the terms and conditions mentioned here. There are some applicable local laws and regulation that you must be aware of. If you find anything unacceptable or you disagree with that then you should never proceed with our services. All the rules and regulations are completely protected by regulatory and copyright law.

Revision Policy

We revised our service for you for how many times you need, but only on the package you have selected. You can get unlimited free revision and apply changes without taking any extra charges.


The ownership of all the content and material solely belongs to this website. If you purchase any product or service, you cannot obtain any ownership right with the product or intellectual rights arising out of the agreement. If you find any products, material, content exist anywhere, then all the copyrights, trademarks, and proprietary rights will be linked to us.

Grant of License

We provide a universal license that is non-transferable to use the information, software data and reports but it should come under the agreement only. In order to use the license you have to agree upon using the product or licensing for your business purpose only. The license will be terminated on the end non-renewal agreement. Also by any means if you violate these terms and conditions then you will be liable to pay a fine amount or punishment. So you will have to agree that you will only use the license legally without violating any terms and conditions mentioned here.

Authorized Users

An authorized person is defined by the customer who is entitled to use the service or product. The name of the person has to be mention on the index and form and will be an employee of the customer. He or she will be assigned to use the service additionally with a password. The responsibility will entirely of the customer who can monitor the service access of the additional user, and if any misuse or corruption happens from the authorized user’s end we will not be able to protect you. So you need to make sure that the user must be working under your surveillance and don’t share the password or username to any other third-party source.

Invoicing and Settlement

All the fees and payable to us will also come under this agreement. You will be liable to receive an invoice for all the payment you have made on this site including VAT if applicable. In case of any failure of overdue, we will be punished with 3% per annum. It will be calculated on regular basis from the due date and actual payment date.

Quality Assurance Policy

We are entitled to provide you quality service with 100% assurance of satisfaction. We never indulge you in distracting meaningless elements and serve you by focusing on your needs. We perform complete research before serving you our products. We take you to the right path of success without bothering you by paying attention only in customer’s requirement and expectation.

Customer Support

We have tried to mention all of our policies mention clearly under the terms and conditions, but if you find anything complex, incomplete or failed to understand, you can contact at QuickBooks customer support number and avail a 24x7 customer support system. Our skilled professionals will help you in by answering your questions removing your confusion. In any case if you do not get our services properly or having any issue with that then you should promptly call us at the same number and ask for complete support that we entitled to provide you.

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